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These are worrying times and due to the demands on The National Health Service (NHS). Our team consist of NHS Nurses, Doctors and ancilliary staff as well as Volunteers, offering their time to take patients home from hospital. This service is entirely crowfunded and survives by donations only and is not funded by local or central government.

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Single Parents

Keeping families in the Community Together

How The Nurses are coping

An average shift for a Registered Nurse usually last 12.5 hours a day. Most nurses including myself are working in access of 72 hours a week to ensure patients are safe in our care.

we are feeling tired hungry and overworked, as well as not seeing our family members due to the long shifts.

Yet, we still want to do more and keep giving by supporting our Colleagues and Patients by purchasing an ambulance to take patients that have been diagnosed and treated with COVID-19 back home to relieve pressure on the already overstreched NHS and Ambulance service.

We have had a great many gifts of chocolates and food parcels which has been wonderful. Thank You from all of us we really do appreciate the gestures.

If you want to help please donate today and ensure we can afford to keep the ambulance on the road to take people back to their homes and familes.

Stay at Home and Save Lives

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