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Where it all began.

I qualified as a registered nurse from The University of Manchester in March 1999. From here I went on to meet some of best friends and collegues across a multitude of emergency settings around the world.

Initially as a junior member of the team in A&E, I often remember feeling a sence of wanting to do more, but yet not knowing what that was. It took a few more years until I found what it was I was missing..."To Teach."

I commenced my training at the University of Huddersfield and qualified with my Certificate in Eductation. Two years later I had my Teaching Cert now I needed to use it.

2017 Saw the begining of the training establishment we are today and beleive me when I say it wasnt easy. It cost more than I ever expected and in more than monatary value.

Since then Ive learnt how to promote the business and have made some very good friends along the way. There are happy times and some sad times and times but nothing compares with the sence of pride I feel on telling an individual that they have passed a course that will potentially save a life at some point in the possible future.

If you would like to meet and discuss your options to learn a skill that could set you on a new direction in your life then contact me here at New-Start-Education Today! on 0161 711 0480 or visit us on www-new-start-education.com or e-mail at: info@new-start-education.com

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