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Training Tamesides Businesses

Wether your an individual wanting to learn about First Aid or Cardiopulmonary Resusucitation (CPR) or your a care worker or Nursery School teacher or company director of a multinational company. New-Start education can support you in attaining your required learning needs. With oer 30 years experience of Healthcare experience in Emergency setting you can guarantee the knowledge you recieve will be extensive and knowledable.

We offer high quality knowledge and training delvered by our team of very experienced nurse educators who will share their knowledge and skills with you and your team members. A recent coment from one of our corporate companies mentioned, " From hearing ten minutes worth of part of the course, I learnt more than any previous education company in the same field, very knowledable and enjoyable to see..." SG Gaming Head of Health & Safety.

Other learners have also expressed their enjoyment from the relaxed atmosphere they experienced and how they learnt a multitude of different aspects of life threatening conditions and the rationale of why we treat conditions as we do. Not to mention the affordability of the courses.

New-Start education are a responsible local company based in Dukinfield, Tameside and are focused in imparting skills and training to loacl business and residents of the Borough. For every course that a comany purchases a course is donated freely to an indivual that cannot afford to purchase the course themselves or discounted course fees are offered to assist small companies in order to forge a healthy networking community. "Making money is not our main drive it's about putting something back into the community and getting a sence of Pride in what we do..." John Gilmour (Owner & Nurse Director - New-Start Education).

If you would like to know ore about how we at New-Start can assist you, please contact us:

on 0161 711 0480 or e-mail us at info@new-start-education.com

0161 711 0480

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